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17 July

Skywheel Entertainment

Posted in Film
Skywheel Entertainment

EDC along with The Bag Ladies, created the visual logo and soundscape for one of China’s premier movie studios, SKYWHEEL ENTERTAINMENT – 北京摩天轮文化传媒有限公司. Watch the film here SKYWHEEL ENTERTAINMENT is responsible for some of China’s recent domestic block-busters including: “My Old Classmate – 同桌的你“ “Beijing Love Story – 北京爱情故事” “Police Story 2013 – 警察故事 2013″ […]

16 June

H&M Loves Music

H&M Loves Music

EDC Shanghai in collaboration with Marc Violo of Ogilvy Shanghai developed and created an innovated and fun way for consumers to browse and shop for the new 2014 line of H&M Divided’s summer wear. We created a mobile app that allows users to mix and match music tracks, effects, voices, etc.. that are paired with […]

10 June

The North Face “Keep Exploring” – 北面不要停

The North Face “Keep Exploring” – 北面不要停

EDC Shanghai was asked to help revitalize the brand image of ‘The North Face – 北面’ here in mainland China. The North Face is synonymous with being the premier out-door exploration brand. With decades of mountaineering and adventure exploration in it’s DNA it’s hard to imagine that TNF would have challenges gaining fans here in […]