The North Face “Keep Exploring” – 北面不要停

Posted on Jun 10, 2014 in Sonic Strategy, Soundtrack

EDC Shanghai was asked to help revitalize the brand image of ‘The North Face – 北面’ here in mainland China.

The North Face is synonymous with being the premier out-door exploration brand. With decades of mountaineering and adventure exploration in it’s DNA it’s hard to imagine that TNF would have challenges gaining fans here in China.

EDC Shanghai along side FactoryLabs (Agency) were tasked to help re-establish a connection to the up-coming generation of Chinese youth that openly embrace the adventure seeking and exploratory attitude that TNF is so famous for.

So the result was a brand song that takes into account the tastes and attitudes of what the modern day young-person is receptive too on the mainland.

We created a beat-driven tune and asked two of China’s most popular under-ground MC’s – Tang King and Tian Tian (天天)to help lend a hand at telling their own personal stories of challenge and how they over-came them. Which is exactly what TNF stands for – facing your challenges and taking the path less traveled to reach your goals in life.

Within one week of release the song was shared over 1.85 million times on Chinese social media.

We are honoured to have been a part of a campaign that is so openly positive in it’s efforts to encourage the youth generation(s) of China to dream big.

‘ 北面不要停 – Keep Exploring ‘

You can check out the “The North Face Song – 北面不要停 Keep Exploring” track here:




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