Koudee Soundscapes

Posted on Oct 20, 2013 in Sonic Strategy, Uncategorized

E|D|C was commissioned by Koudee to create a sonic experience for their customers in the Koudee TianJing concept store. One of the first stores in China to combine a curated high-end fashion shopping experience with visual and auditory stimulation.

The goal was to make customers feel as if they were NOT in a typical run-of-the-mill high end store. We wanted to put the customer in the middle of the story so-to-speak.

The theme was “Mother Gaia during Spring and Summer ” and we needed to create an experience that matched the visual installations within the space.

What resulted was a dynamic mix of ambient soundscapes that takes the listeners through a 24 hour day-night cycle during the seasons of spring and summer.

When moving throughout the Koudee Concept space the music and sound moves with you. As you progress through different areas of the store layout you feel as if you are moving through a diverse landscape, ranging from “early morning in a lush mountain forest” to “dusk in the grass-lands”.

It’s not just shopping, it’s a sensory all immersive experience.

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Koudee concept store