Kobe X 瞬杀密室 Wins at Spikes Asia 2015

Posted on Sep 23, 2015 in UX, Visual Installation

We are proud to announce that Kobe X ” Temple of Deadly Quickness ” took home two awards, Silver and Bronze for ” Branded Content and Entertainment ” and ” Design ” at this years Spikes Asia awards in Singapore.  BOOM !

EDC along with W+K Shanghai created a one week long basketball boot-camp for the Kobe-X shoe launch in China.

Along with Installation artist Marula Vaz (W+K), we brought to life “ Kobe’s Temple of Deadly Quickness “ in the historic 1933 slaughter house in Shanghai.

Video links :           Youtube         优酷



The concept of the installation was to put the user in the mindset of what it takes to be a Black Mamba ( Kobe Bryant ) .

The theme of the installation was a Futuristic Temple with five different areas / rooms that challenged ones, focus, agility and speed.

EDC provided all the sound design, sound concepting within the experience.

The challenge was to create a sound scape that was convincing enough to truly be all immersive for the user.

The experience auditory wise had to be real enough that it made you feel that Kobe was in the room with you.

Each room used a combination of projection mapping, LED, and sensors to transport the user into a different world entirely; the world of the Mamba.





Since the location was a concrete building with many reflective surfaces in the middle of the city ( lots of dense ambient echos )  there were many technical challenges as well, such as; how to isolate the sound within the installation so that is doesn’t fight with the outside ambient noise.

In the end the project was a great success , the experience attracted over 650 participants and the viral reach was over 3.2 Million on Chinese social media.

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